I Don’t Get It

October 26, 2007

There seems to be a bug in Leopard…

Leopard “bug”



September 20, 2007
The Ultimate Solution

This poster was found here. Please contact your senator today, and let them know that you won’t stand for outrages like this in our country. Take action to protect your children from harmful propaganda!

Apple Copied Us!

September 10, 2007

Check out the picture below. The two images on the top are screenshots of the Windows Live website, and the Windows live banner. The image on the left is a close up of the Windows Live sidebar.

On the right side are two of the default desktop backgrounds that come with every Mac. Notice any similarities? I might not have matched up things perfectly, but one thing is clear: Apple took our Windows Live design, expanded our images on the sides, and claimed that it was their own work! Thats it! Apple won’t get away with it this time! And this time we’re not willing to settle outside of court!

Apple copied us

Anti Communism

July 11, 2007


Due to the huge wave of anti Micro$oft, open source loving, ****ing Russian communists that are visiting this website, we (Micro$oft), for the entire world’s sake, have decided to launch a huge new wave of anti communism warfare!

We’ve invested millions in the defense industry, and look forward to huge profits from the upcoming war that we intend to start between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. We’re currently activating a virus that we included in Vista.

The U.S. government is now experiencing technical problems that they believe are caused by Russian hackers.

Now is the time to invest! Invest in Micro$oft now, and you’ll make billions! Now is a time of amazing opportunity! Don’t believe what the communist Steve Jobs tells you. Steve Jobs is part of a communist plot to blow up New York city! Act now before it is too late!

Invest in Micro$oft today and get a free gas mask! LONG LIVE STEVE BALLMER!And always remember…

 open source is communism!

The zitPhone

July 2, 2007

Today we’ve got another big announcement to make here at Microsoft: The iPhone is NOTHING! Thats right. The iPhone is absolutely nothing compared to what we’re about to release today. Today we’re announcing the release of a totally new next generation gadget. Today we’re introducing the zitPhone. 

 Zit Phone 2

Remember, you heard it here first.

Microsoft Word Blonde Edition

June 28, 2007

We’ve got a big announcement for you today. After years of research and development that cost billions of dollars, today we’re proud to introduce a new, revolutionary, and innovative product: Microsoft Word For Blondes Edition.

Microsoft Word For Blondes Edition

Leopard Easter Egg

June 24, 2007

I just found this easter egg on my a friend’s computer running Leopard. 

Leopard Easter Egg

Thats it! We’re suing!