All Your Laptop Are Belong To Us


I don’t know how many of you remember that ridiculous $100 laptop that the  dorks at MIT were working on. (You know, the one with the crank thingy.) At the time, I commented “Geez, get a decent computer where you can actually read the text and you’re not sitting there cranking the thing while you’re trying to type,” and The last thing you want for a shared-use computer is for it to be something without a disk, and with a tiny little screen.”

As you all know, its been my long term goal as the world biggest philanthropist to put “a computer on every disk in every house, running Microsoft software.”

Anyway, we’ve decided to be nice and “allow” (pronounced “force”) the project to put Windows XP (specifically not Vista) on the laptop.


4 Responses to All Your Laptop Are Belong To Us

  1. painter says:

    thanks for time stealing entertainment and further fun will come with the free laptop & maybe some money beside.

  2. painter says:

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  3. Lord of the Mac Operating Systems says:

    Geez, at least set up a limited account on your XP (or Vista) machine for your child!

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