Ubuntu Gummy Gibbon- The Poem


 ubuntu logo

In honor of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gummy Gibbon) I’ve decided to make a poem for all of you Linux freaks users…

Ugly design 

Bad looking 

Unsightly “Human” look 


Ten thousand viruses 

Ununderstandable by normal people 




Terribly confusing 

Sudo and other strange things 

You should use Vista instead 



Install it on a Mac and not on Windows 

Beware of the wobbly windows

Bash is for weirdos- real geeks use ms-dos

Only freaks use fast user switching and Firefox extensions

No more simplicity and single desktops



13 Responses to Ubuntu Gummy Gibbon- The Poem

  1. the waiter says:

    Poem “ununderstandable for normal people” is description of part of Windows & Linux is part of Windows. Man it’s to etablish a real Freaksystem instead, all monetary aspects are to dissolve otherwise, but not in a overloaded and cultural very poor mainstreamproduct.

    Let you know that i will buy me never more a Windows like that since i had released that i had been allways not more as a beta-user for furthers more & more financial oriented gamblers and time thiefs of microsoft based world decadency.

  2. not a linux user says:

    Who has stolen my Adressbar in the IE7. Who has stolen my Jazz-toolbar? When comes IE8 instead (when did Microsoft dissolve the “Google-Problem” and also the from Microsoft supported Spaming; some examples of that Kind i had sended to you and the Microsoft Company).

    I wait for Your response & be very shure that i go to buy me an Apple if Microsoft is untalented as ever been to dissoolve this Problems as shown.
    When did Microsoft send a iMac for my always lose time with “Microsoft’s Ever Unwiedly Experimental System”.
    I send copie from this mess also to Apple for inform Mr. Steve Jobs, owner of good Hard&SoftwareCompany (maybe with VIA the best ever).
    I let You know that i at moment very dislike Microsoft-Software “Ever Bugware”. Please send this comment as quickly as you can to Microsoft owner Bill Gates, because he had to known also this circumstances. Bill Gates (Gold) You lost one of Your “SilverAgents”

  3. Ubuntu Rules Vista Sucks says:

    Why did you write that piece of crap dumbass?

  4. Bill Gates says:

    Ubuntu Rules Vista Sucks:
    Seriously, how do you think I know so much about Ubuntu?

  5. The BSOD says:

    > Bash is for weirdos- real geeks use ms-dos

    Real idiots use Windows Vista.

  6. Bill Gates says:

    “Real idiots use Windows Vista.”
    Real jerks don’t appreciate the millions of useless lines of code that went into vista.

  7. The BSOD says:

    OK, you win.

  8. Bill Gates says:

    Of course I win. You don’t even exist.

  9. The BSOD says:

    Your turn at Justrage.com (Go to the pissed poems section, and don’t read anything else).


  10. Sean Tilley says:

    On the contrary, I find Ubuntu to be insanely stable, amazingly easy to use, and a lot of fun.
    -The wobbly windows rock.
    -It runs Microsoft programs with WINE! Sue over that!
    -It’s free, and open source.

    Now, let me try you.


    Selling worthless products.

  11. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

  12. Yohanes Mario says:

    I can’t believe that I’m posting a comment in a relic post, however, I can’t blame you for saying that ubuntu is bad looking, since you only know the hard-to-tweak-UI of windows and not-allowed-to-tweak-UI of OSX.
    One thing that we have which you don’t even know of its existence: FREEDOM.
    We have the freedom to change ubuntu the way we like it, and it’s as easy as opening one window, and then choose one theme, and close, there you go..
    And it’s not geeky at all! Almost everything works out of the box.. It’s not like windows at all.
    In vista, if your printer doesn’t work, go buy a new printer.
    In ubuntu, if your laptop doesn’t even boot, go ask the community, and you’ll definitely get a working laptop!

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