FCEOW 07 Pictures

I’m sure that all of you have already seen Fake Steve Ballmer’s pictures of FCEOW 07, and were wondering where “Where’s Fake Bill?” The truth is, I wasn’t in any of the pictures on Fake Steve’s blog. In order to keep my Secret Identity secret, I showed up in a Darth Vader costume. Steve Ballmer also was worried about revealing his secret identity, so he showed up as Darth Maul. Here’s some pictures:

Darth Vader and Darth Maul
Thats me on the right and thats Steve on the left.

Darth Vader
Me again!

Darth outside

That me, Fake Ballmer (after he took off his costume), and a random security guard.

As you can see, I had a great time. At one point, the real George W. Bush even showed up. (He got confused and thought that he was fake George W.B.) I have to convince Fake Ballmer to throw these conferences more often.

The only problem was that some people mistakenly thought that I was Fake Vader. They didn’t seem to understand that I was Fake Bill with the Fake secret identity of Fake Vader! Perhaps it was for the best anyway, because all of my Fake Stormtroopers were elsewhere, and I don’t think that I would have been able to deal with all of the fans myself.

About halfway through the party, I showed off a magic trick (where I used the “force”) and Fake Ballmer (still dressed up as Fake Darth Maul) got pissed that I was getting all the attention. He ripped off his costume, threw a few chairs, screamed “Developers!”, stormed away, and got drunk. He later got kicked out of his own party by the security guards who thought that he was Fake Fake Steve Ballmer. You can see him without his costume in the last picture above. He’s the dude on the left.


8 Responses to FCEOW 07 Pictures

  1. You are right as always Bill, we will have to do this again.
    BTW that wasn’t me with you there, I was in another part of London. The guy who told you he was me was an assistant.

  2. Dr Society says:

    An Open Letter to the “Real” Mr Bill Gates – Founder of the Microsoft Corporation and not that relatively cash-poor blogger-bloke without the salmon river in his front room.

    This letter used to be much better Bill. The original version had a lot of extremely witty and complimentary things to say about Microsoft and about you and all your work for charidy. But I accidentally deleted the original file Bill. And so now the questions that Bent Society wishes to ask you, Mr Bill Gates sir, are these: ‘Does PC-rage lead to wider social and environmental harm through a seeping scepticism that leads, in turn, to selfishness, lack of social cohesion that increases involvement in various crimes and disorder?’ And perhaps even more importantly Bill, has a major deficiency in Microsoft’s Word programme led to a huge cultural loss throughout the world?

    If anyone from Microsoft is reading this (as well as Bill), then please can you explain something. Namely, why do you supply a geeknosense operating system? I mean, when I’m using Word for Windows, if I accidentally delete a file by mistake then it’s often gone forever. As I’m sure you are aware, having a system of file recovery-back-up is not sufficient if it does not kick in at the right time. It is inadequate Bill. And you must know that this is the case because normal laptop and desktop computers cannot realistically back up Word files every 10 seconds or so. If they did, it would slow things down way to much and programmes etc would not work properly.

    A writer can lose a lot of creative work in a few seconds Bill, never mind in the 3 to 5 minutes that is a more realistic setting (and my PC can’t back-up more than once a minute anyway). Apple computers, on the other hand Bill, make sure that they put all their hapless “user” (note not “customer”) deleted files into a recycle bin, which can be opened via an icon and the deleted file restored with one click. So if Apple “users,” whilst in, for example, the process of cutting and pasting text between files, stupidly delete the wrong file by mistake – i.e. the master document- it can still be recovered completely intact. Why can’t you give us that too Bill?

    I think part of your problem is that, as we all know, Microsoft has managed to create a strangle-hold monopoly on the computing world, because you keep getting fined for it don’t you Bill – you naughty little monkey.

    By the way Bill, I don’t want to give an unbalanced view here, because I’m not unbalanced Bill. I’m not. I’m not. I am absolutely not unbalanced Bill – even though I’ve just lost 13 minutes of important work because of your DARN HALF-STICHED SOFTWARE!!!

    You guys have invented some fabulous stuff. Well done. But sorting out this sort of commonly occurring “user” nightmare might make the world a happier, less cynical, more chraridable and better place don’t you think? And if you did Bill, we might not have to add to environmental pollution by buying Apple computers to replace our PCs.

    Billatmygates. I bet you already have that problem solved and the code filed away and ready to be slipped into Word for Windows (Version 3000+) in several of years time. Don’t you. Am I right Bill? I mean, God forbid that you might sell us a version of Windows and Word that is fully-fit for purpose. If you did that, we might be happy and stick with it. And that is no good in fuelling our world polluting consumer society is it Bill– no good for you and no good for the tax collector, and no good for the Icelandic Movement for the Promotion of Global Warming.

    You know Bill, with this deliberate holding back of code you have in effect stolen a lot of people’s time, as well as possibly some of the greatest prose and song lyrics ever written. Did you ever stop to think about that and its repercussions on the world Bill? Time is the most precious thing we have. It does not matter how rich you are Bill, because it’s a wonderful life and its time that counts. Go watch that film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Again Bill and you’ll remember what I’m talking about here.

    You know you owe the world a lot of lost years Bill. And so Bill, here’s the pitch. We know that you are now doing a lot for charidy. Well, how about giving something back to the people that you cynically stole time and creative endeavour from? How about fist getting that code out of your dusty old file and halting any further loss of great works Bill. Secondly, you could do worse than to endow an academic chair, the holder of whom would work to expose similar Bent Society practices to you own and also propose workable solutions to them.

    The blogosphere is the future Bill. You guys created so much of the technology to make it possible. Do you have the vision to see that free, open access, online, blogging and use of related websites is leading the horizontalization of knowledge that you believed in all those years ago.

    I am proposing here the establishment of The Bill Gates Chair in Curmudgeonly Criminology, Bill. The appointee of this esteemed chair will conduct research, generate grant income and contribute significantly to writing teaching and reflective materials at the online open access blog-based University of Bent Society. To endow a Chair, in perpetuity, all that is required is a donation of £1million Bill. That’s chump change for you Bill, but your legacy will be guaranteed. Our lawyers can talk with one another and deal with all the legal details.

    PS. Bill, I read somewhere, several years ago that you have a salmon river actually running through your front room so that you can fly-fish from your couch. That is so cool Bill.

    If ever you need a fishing buddy, well I guess you know where to come find me.

    I’ll be here at Bent Society: http://bentsocietyblog.blogspot.com/

    Yours in anticipation

    Dr Bent Society
    12 October 2007

  3. macintrash says:

    Wow. This is the most pathetic blog I’ve ever been to. First, the facts are completely incorrect on this website (most of them). Ex: Bill Gates dropped out of high school? Last time I remember watching a biography on him, he dropped out of Harvard.
    Also, just so you know (I saw a comment about Microsoft’s serverrs on how bad they are) Microsfoft’s servers and linux are WAY better than Apple. Apple uses Solaris for at least heir India, Denmark and Swedish sites because the Mac OS X server sucks. Lastly, I’m happy that I saved up to $800 on my nice HP that runs on Windows. It works great and is a lot cheaper than my previous MacBook, which is now a base for baseball :).

    It’s funny seeing blogs and websites butcher other causes and ideas, but it’s stupid when there are no facts.


  4. Bill Gates says:

    You really missed the point, didn’t you?

  5. asdf says:

    Very good site! I like it! Thanks!t

  6. sveta says:

    Hello stupid pendosegi.

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