The Ultimate Solution

This poster was found here. Please contact your senator today, and let them know that you won’t stand for outrages like this in our country. Take action to protect your children from harmful propaganda!


5 Responses to Blasphemy!

  1. jain says:

    Hollywood and Bill Gates seems great combination, Well if you want to see what inside house story go Bill Gates House

  2. Bill Gates says:

    Jain, Why are you showing me pictures of my own house?

  3. I’m outraged! I could throw a chair!

  4. Bill Gates says:

    Do you remember what we talked about during your last counseling session? You have to take your anger and channel it at Apple.

  5. Lord of the Mac Operating Systems says:

    Wipe away the shit in Vista, get Microsoft Toilet Paper 5.1 today and get a free borg cube with every purchase!

    Pay us $1,000,000 dollars more and we will donate 10 cents to Amnesty International and assimilate you!

    Hurry! Limited time offer!

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