The Stupidest Video Game Ever

Check out this video game. It has got to be the stupidest game that I’ve ever seen. The goal of the game is to “have fun” making peace.

I can only pity the poor little kids that will have their copies of Halo taken away by their parents and replaced with this “fun” adventure in peace.


6 Responses to The Stupidest Video Game Ever

  1. Must be a Mac game! lol

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  3. macintrash says:

    Wow, to bad this “stupid” game (third version) has made $300 million (the most money out of an enterainment production). Only at least 1.25 million people have halo 3 and the xbox 360 is still around, unlike the Apple Pippin.

  4. Bill Gates says:

    Halo has made much more money.

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  6. most seen videos…

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