Spanish Speakers Wanted

Today this blog linked to my website. I don’t speak a single word of Spanish, and we have no Spanish speakers here at Microsoft HQ, so I used Google Translate to translate the page into English. The translation was exactly what I expected from Google- a barely readable page where half of the words weren’t even translated. I scrolled down to the link to my blog and read the following: false Blog of Bill Gates president of Microsoft, was obvious that if Steve Jobs tapeworm blog false. Bill tapeworm that to have one. Although already descubrio that Daniel Lyons, publisher of the magazine Forbes, was the writer of both Blogs.
Pay special attention to the end. It says “Daniel Lyons, publisher of the magazine Forbes, was the writer of both Blogs.” By “both blogs” I assume he means my blog and Steve Job’s blog. But where in the name of M$ did he get the idea that I’m really Daniel Lyons?! How can he possibly even think that I would do something as stupid as writing a fanboy blog for my company’s biggest enemy? Besides, we clearly have different writing styles.


19 Responses to Spanish Speakers Wanted

  1. Lobito says:

    Well.. Hi “Bill” let me explain…
    My Mistake… the Post is corrected!
    When i say Daniel Lyons write both blogs is reffer to Seteve Jobs and Larry Ellison.

    I Cross the names… when write the post. SORRY…. My mistake.
    If u want i can delete your blog from my post. let me now….

    The idea of my post is make fakes blogs to people related to my country Venezuela.
    Because the Politics of Venezuela are reality Pigs, (without insults the pigs)…

    Again Bill sorry…

  2. […] de Steve Jobs con el, de FakeBill, Mis disculpas…. Gracias al FakeBill por entrar y hacer un Post sobre el […]

  3. MyMac says:

    If you want i can translate it


  4. Who needs spanish? … well maybe when I want the grounds done right …

  5. Bill Gates says:

    Ballmer, I think that you’re finally ready to take over for me.

  6. THE BSOD says:

    ¡Oye Cuenta, su sitio Web M$ CHUPA!

    Translate that!

  7. THE BSOD says:

    > Ballmer, I think that you’re finally ready to take over for me.

    Hey Cream Face, wheres El Jobso when you need him?

  8. Bill Gates says:

    If I could speak spanish then I wouldn’t be asking you to translate.

  9. The BSOD says:

    Sorry, here is the REAL expression I wanted to say:

    Consiga un Mac

    (Somebody please translate that to the rich dude)

  10. The BSOD says:

    Sorry, don’t translate that – Go to and translate it!

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