The Day That We All Await Eagerly

steve job’s grave



8 Responses to The Day That We All Await Eagerly

  1. Nice picture and completely with the tittle of the post.

  2. hehehehehe that made my day

  3. […] will be Macs.” On the other hand you can read about lack of love between Microsoft and Apple on The Secret Diary of Bill Gates. But worst of all is that there are a lot of Microsoft fan sites who hate Apple, like this radical […]

  4. THE BSOD says:

    Actually, I never do use iPod, Mac or iPhone.

    I swear I haven’t!
    I mean, who needs iPod? 🙂

  5. katoh says:

    but.. Billy! no one wants Stevey to be dead D:
    ..not even you : D;;;

  6. Hi, im a mac says:

    fuck you bill and all your loser fan boys. Your graves gonna be a zune or something, hahah. how sad would that be since its the biggest failure ever. O and 360s break all the time might want to fix that. Vista sucks as well, nice job on that to. Thank god my apple a day keeps your gay pc away.

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