Windows Security

bsod permission



10 Responses to Windows Security

  1. Christopher says:

    lol?. wow thats sad

  2. Evoroth says:

    lol it’s the image I dug out. It’ come from our blog lol.

  3. Bill Gates says:

    Evoroth, thats why it says “source” underneath with a link to your blog 😀

  4. Evoroth says:

    lol I know that, just nice to knwo we have readers 😀

  5. GeekBoy says:

    Of course we have readers! I’m just surprised anyone reads your stuff…. 😉

    (silly co-authors!)

  6. THE BSOD says:



  7. Bill Gates says:

    How did you guess what our new ad campaign was going to be?

  8. THE BSOD says:

    With over 10,000 security holes estimated in Vista, what did you expect?

    Apparently it has already gone public:

    And no, it wasn’t me who created that image.
    I didn’t think you had a plan you faggot.

  9. Bill Gates says:

    Thank you. Another image to steal for a blog post! 😉

  10. The BSOD says:

    Another reason why I knew it was your ad campaign, is because of Windows XP.

    XP = Xtra Profits
    XP = eXPloit
    XP = eXPlode

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