New Special Edition Xbox

We’re now selling a special edition Halo Xbox (Halo not included). Its an ugly brown color that looks like you-know-what. It has a smaller than ever hard drive, an optional Xbox live membership (for an additional $99 a year), and a wired controller. Get yours today at Micro$ before they all sell out!

ugly xbox


9 Responses to New Special Edition Xbox

  1. Christopher says:

    jees, what a rip off!

  2. Bill Gates says:

    Not true! I forgot to mention it, but you also get a M$ limited edition t-shirt offer for only $30 (shipping and handling not included).

  3. Christopher says:

    thats a deal breaker that is!

  4. Bill Gates says:

    Since we’re such good friends, for only an additional $9.99, I’ll give you a Bill Gates tshirt instead if you’d like.

  5. Christopher says:

    wow, seriously. im such a fan of you!!. I would love a tshirt of you

  6. macintrash says:

    u guys r really pathetic
    it seems like some1 hacked the righting n this blog to make it loo bad…wait it already is


  7. Bill Gates says:

    If its that pathetic then why are you wasting your time posting your annoying little comments?

  8. macintrash says:

    schools boring
    just messin round
    i like seein the software battles

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