I’m No Longer The Richest Man Alive

Yes, you heard that right. I’m now the second richest man alive. A stupid Mexican (you know, the people with the sombreros) named “Carlos Slim” (what a stupid name) just overtook me.

Don’t worry about it. I’m doing everything in my power to stop him. I have a team of lawyers that are looking for a way to sue him, I have a private investigator that is investigating him so that I can blackmail him, and I have convinced a bunch of charity organizations to go and pester him. Everything will be under control soon.

If all else fails, there’s always the BSOD…


42 Responses to I’m No Longer The Richest Man Alive

  1. Christopher says:

    hahahahhhahaha, give me some money you rich ba^!&@#

  2. stephanie says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Give me your $100,000,000 you lucky bar*****

    Come on!

    Gimme Gimme Gimme!

    Why don’t you transfer it to my bank account?

  4. mexico says:

    I guess mexicans are not that stupid even with their sombreros you racist bitch we have the richest man on earth do you think thats stupid?? i didnt think so idiot.

  5. Bill Gates says:

    I don’t think you get the joke.

  6. carlos says:

    hey, i knew ‘Carlos Slim was going to surpass Bill Gates in regard to be the richest man alive. Now Carlos slim is doing all he’s possible best. and i do get the joke, however you have to assume that Mexicans are not stupid after all. well well, you know what i thought about it and i decided to be billionaire to.
    see ya then

  7. ZL says:

    Haha, what Stephanie? Bill gates isn’t a race. Bill Gates is a person. You can’t take credit for the alphabet anymore than Americans can for cars.

  8. Ur momma says:

    Wow this website is a joke and very unprofessional

  9. Bill Gates says:

    @Ur momma
    Anyone that gives their name as “Ur momma” doesn’t have the right to call someone else a joke and unprofessional.

  10. sdkgjee1233 says:

    STFU bill gates wannabe

  11. Daniel says:

    hahaha i guess youre the stupid one if he were an stupid mexican he wouldnt be richest than you idiot

  12. toxicity says:

    … guys this is clearly a joke. take the dildos outta ur ass and stop complaining. dont like the humor? dont read it. this guys trying to be funny. give him a break. i laughed at the photo btw. hahah the zune wat a joke

  13. Bill Gates says:

    Its good to have someone understand you ocasionally.

  14. OPAW says:

    Hey billy… u sucks ive read ur biblio…

    u have really a high pride man!

  15. Bill Gates says:

    OPAW, I could be wrong, but I don’t think that its possible for anything (and especially not this blog) to be worse than your grammar and spelling.

  16. donkeykong says:

    u fuckers are really dumb…bills rich…slims…rich and all u broke as losers are fightin over…mexicans are stupid…billionaires or not…when a country is full of fools…its not that hard to be a billionaire…and slim is lebanese not mexican…the dumbass fuckhead should use his money to rebuild beirut u wankers

  17. Joseph says:

    So what Bill? Its not the end of the world. I just read ur paragraph and its just bull.
    Just live with it. the leb dude has more money then u. Thats nothing. If i had ur money id just be frigging happy,

    ( I guess rich people get dumber and dumber every day)

  18. Joseph says:

    So what Bill? Its not the end of the world. I just read ur paragraph and its just bull.
    Just live with it. the leb dude has more money then u. Thats nothing. If i had ur money id just be frigging happy, And im not even out of high school yet with no job. yet i get allowances from my parents and yet i only have 60 dollars. Hey im not complaining that my frineds have more money then me.
    (Rich Whiners these days. Sigh)

  19. Pro-poor says:

    This is just a joke. Bill gates is trying to misorient the people for money reasons. For me he is still the richest man. And he’s reached that status by stealing people’s money!!!!!!! so continue suing bill gates to make him pay….. whaaaaaaaaa

  20. bigbossbzo says:

    Topic says it all racist people can not stand to see a Mexican succeed in wealth yes Bill Gates was the richest man but there is always someone smarter and better at what they do. Well you people have to wake up and smell the coffee, you think that is a problem wait another 6 years then your are really going to hate Mexicans cause we don’t die we multiply and we are growing fast so just suck it up and get use to it!

  21. don't worry says:

    bill if u permit me to call you so, i think u deserve what you have and alll those idiots out there who dont get the joke dnt read it ok nt our faults u dont want to use ur brains just as mr.Gates did so get a grip of yourselves

  22. Youandme says:

    Lebanese.. Mexican.. American.. Bill.. Carlos.. Money..
    Is this all you care about now?
    What about US?

  23. anon. says:

    Wow all you people getting ticked off don’t get that that’s not really Bill Gates, right? Slow slow slow… *sigh* The creator of this sight clearly has more time on his hands than me, the person searching for the richest man on earth on Google- it’s better than Microsoft, you Bill Gates wannabe. If you are gonna obsess over somebody, make it Al Gore. He invented the internet, duh!

  24. chuchachucha says:

    yo i need sum mmmmooonnneeeeeyyyyy send me the money money money come on I’m at the PUBLIC LIBRARY I have no home MONEY!!! MOney MOney moNEY moNEY you know what it is , how us homeless be ichin money wwwwhhhhhooooaaa Well anyway can I switch lives wit u or somthin. PRetty PLeAse WiTh ChErRy On dA ToP

  25. chuchachucha says:

    wassup again its homeless wonder uhh its been 2 minutes and i still ain’t got MY MONEY YO dis place bout to close up for da night please hurry hurry I’m sleepin outside!! gee wiz mister golly me to the heart

  26. chuchachucha says:

    dey tellin me 2 leaveplease hurry hurrynnnooooooooooo they got security coming now hhhhhhheeeellllppp me please help me hhhheeeellllpppp mmmmeeee pppllleeeaaassseee

  27. chuchachucha says:

    yo before i go i haf to giv props 2 ma gurl anon she speaks da truth ,but istill want ma money money money

  28. chuchachucha says:


  29. Joe says:

    OMG it’s not the coolest blog ever but will you lot chill out, can’t you take a joke?

  30. xD lmao xD says:

    XD lmao this is funny bill….

  31. theguy says:

    wow bill your such a bitch typical white guy always need to feel the need to be in “power” lmfao now that the “white man” isn’t the wealthiest no more he wants to do something about it roflmao come on bill it was a matter of time and time changes whitey things are going for the better well, not for the white man, a mexican is the wealthiest and not the white man, soon a black man will be president life is gooooood 😉

  32. Mexicans are lazy says:

    Lol, I guess the joke has some truth. Any of you Mexicans out there that think that this is really Bill Gates, you are seriously stupid. Sorry.

  33. ggrods says:

    This is for the wannabe bill gates. If you’re trying to be funny, you better get yourself another steady job, PRONTO ! YOU ARE THE STUPID ONE. Carlos Slim is MEXICAN. His heritage is Lebanese. He was born in Mexico.
    So, he thinks Mexican, being that for three generations.

    You don’t think people get the joke ? Maybe because it’s no joke.
    Racial undertones anyone ????

  34. carloons says:

    good. macs are waay better than windows anyway

  35. kazzi says:

    booooooooo hoooooooo its sad youre not the richest man oohhhhh i forgot to cry wannnhh.

    tough luck

    (mexicano and latinas are cumin afta u)

  36. kelvin says:

    thats what u should do go down the line to the third or even 4TH richest man

  37. Internet says:

    This is not really Bill Gates you ignorant fucks. And you make this mistake while claiming not to be stupid! The URL says “fakebill!”

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  39. Billy says:

    i am lebanese and any one who is on carlos slim’s side he can go and fuck himself
    Bill gates is the richest man cause bill gates give 90% of his money to charity that is a law in the united states called gates law
    SO anyone who thinks that (bitch slim) is the richest man on earth can fuck him self

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