Sorry About The Outburst

I’m sorry about yesterday’s post. I have certain medical conditions (ADD, ADHD, etc, etc…) that sometimes disrupt my normal behavior. I have medication, but I was busy with some Vista stuff yesterday and I forgot to take it.

I asked around, and it seems that I’m not the only one at Micro$oft with these problems. Steve Ballmer also has severe ADHD (and several other psychological issues that I probably shouldn’t talk about), and over 34% of all Micro$oft employees have- at the very least- mild ADD. (Perhaps this is due to the original job requirements for Micro$oft; But thats a whole other story for another time)

Anyway, I’ve created a new special division at Micro$oft called the BDDHD (Behavior Disrupting Disorders Help Division). The division will be responsible for making sure that everyone stays in control and takes their meds. They also- Sorry but I have to go. My nurse is here, and she says its time.


One Response to Sorry About The Outburst

  1. Dan says:

    Sure, that’s why Apple is “Open Source”…

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