If Microsoft Made Your Car

If Microsoft was a car company, then cars today would be much more advanced. Here’s a list of the ten awesome features that your car would have if it was made by Microsoft.


2 Responses to If Microsoft Made Your Car

  1. Bmw 325 says:

    Bmw 325

    2006 Bmw 325i

  2. Lena says:

    If my car was made by microsoft, I would develop every economical & ecological parts of it. It would respond to comfort and simplicity. However sober in its appearance, i ‘d like it “feline”, powerful, outter aesthetics relevant of quality. I would like the microsoft car part of a new responsible industry; taking care of its employees and consumers worldwide.
    Navigation systems are also elements microsoft can develop…
    In all essentials, it would be great to have a kind of “Revengton” Microsoft car, powerful but using no gas…costing a fair price, offering technology without being enslaved by it..a genuine challenge nowadays….

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