I Sponsored A Widget

I just made an agreement with TheEsylum.com. They’re going to put a link to my blog on the back of their Chuck Norris Facts widget for Mac OS X. They claim that over ten thousand people have downloaded the widget.

Its perfect. I’ll get lots of visitors who saw the link on the widget. Even better, all of them will be Mac geeks. I may be able to convince some of them to switch to Windows. Their minds are up for the taking. Besides, anyone who uses a Chuck Norris Facts widget can’t be that smart anyways. 🙂 I suspect that I’ll be able to brainwash at least 500 Mac users.

On my side of the deal, I wrote out a $1000 check to TheEsylum.com. That is just pocket money to me. After all, I am the richest man alive. If anyone else is interested in being sponsored by me then just drop me a comment.


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