Please Do Me A Favor!

UPDATE: Please ignore this post. It wasn’t posted by me! A jerk called Steve Ballmer (who works for me) wrote it without my permission!

Bill Gates Moaning

We (Microsoft) are getting desperate. Google handled 54% of U.S. web searches, and MSN handled 10% last month. We have to do something.

Please, please, please, do us a big favor. Its easy and simple. Please help me mess up Google. Google makes all of their money off of ads. If you block the ads, then they don’t make money. Here’s a really easy guide on how to block the ads on Google. Thanks, and LONG LIVE MSN!

Btw, Steve Ballmer is The Best! He is the smartest person ever! ALL HAIL BALLMER!


3 Responses to Please Do Me A Favor!

  1. […] Sorry about the last post. It wasn’t written by me. I accidentally left my laptop on my desk when I went to the […]

  2. The BSOD says:

    At the bottom it says “Posted by Bill Gates”.

  3. Bill Gates says:

    The BSOD:
    Don’t believe it. Its that slimy wordpress software’s fault.

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