Sorry about the last post. It wasn’t written by me. I accidentally left my laptop on my desk when I went to the bathroom, and Steve Ballmer (one of the guys that works for me) saw it. Steve (being the genius that he is) thought that he would do me a “favor” by telling people to mess up Google by blocking their ads. So- without my permission- he went ahead and wrote a post on my blog.

I yelled at him for ten minutes until he began to cry. Unfortunately I can’t fire him because he’s going to take over for me as CEO when I retire.

Its not that I object to what he wrote. I’m happy he wrote it, but he didn’t have to write it in such an obvious way. He almost messed up this blog permanently. As it is, I probably just lost a couple of readers. The key to brainwashing is to be very subtle. And what he wrote was not subtle at all!


One Response to Apology:

  1. […] Please Do Me A Favor! UPDATE: Please ignore this post. It wasn’t posted by me! A jerk called Steve Ballmer (who works for me) wrote it without my permission! […]

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