Today, Matt (the dude in charge of WordPress.com) finally responded to my multiple attempts to contact him. Its about time! I first tried contacting him almost a month ago. Anyways, his reply wasn’t too encouraging. I had asked him whether he was interested in discussing the possibility that we (Microsoft) would buy WordPress.com. He replied:

“Are you sure you’re not confusing us with WordPad?”

Maybe I have the wrong email, or am contacting the wrong person, because I absolutely am not confusing the two of them. Wordpad is a Windows program made by Microsoft. Why would we buy ourselves? For the matter, how could we even buy ourselves?

Anyways, hopefully, Matt will come to his senses and realize what an amazing deal this is. Here’s the email I just sent him five minutes ago: “Maybe I have the wrong email. Are you the founder of Automattic, the
company that develops the WordPress blogging platform?

Anyways, assuming that I have the correct email, I’m definitely not
confusing WordPress with Wordpad. Wordpad is a program that we wrote.
Its a simple text editor. We’re not trying to buy it, because we
(Microsoft) were the ones that created it.

On the other hand, WordPress, as you obviously know, is a Blogging
Platform written in PHP. We, at Microsoft, are big admirers of both
the open source WordPress PHP application, and WordPress.com. As a
matter of fact, my blog (fakebill.wordpress.com) uses your system.

We would like to buy Automattic in order to help us compete with
Google’s Blogspot. You should be honored to know that very soon,
Wordpress.com may become just another name in the long list of Windows
Live Services (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Live#Windows_Live_services).
In order to make that happen, please get back to me as soon as


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